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Waste collection, sorting and management

The collection, sorting and management of waste is an essential part of preserving our environment and promoting a sustainable circular economy. This service aims to ensure responsible waste management by implementing efficient, environmentally-friendly procedures.

Waste collection involves setting up efficient waste collection systems, adapted to the specific needs of each region or geographical area. This includes the design of optimized collection routes, the use of specialized vehicles and strategic planning to ensure regular, reliable collection.

Waste sorting is a crucial step in the waste management process. It involves separating and classifying waste according to its nature (plastic, glass, paper, organic, etc.) to facilitate recycling and appropriate treatment.

Sorting maximizes the recycling and reuse potential of materials, thus reducing the amount of waste destined for landfill or incineration.

Successful waste collection, sorting and management involves careful planning and the application of best practices. Here are five key steps to success:

Needs assessment and planning

Setting up efficient collection systems

Awareness-raising and education

Sorting and processing infrastructure

Monitoring and evaluation