at the service of a greener planet.

We are committed to contributing to the restoration and preservation of the planet, and are implementing initiatives to help the transition to a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Turn environmental challenges into energy opportunities

we believe in the transformative potential of waste-to-energy, emphasizing that waste can become a valuable source of renewable energy rather than an environmental burden.


From waste to kilowatt-hours, we convert waste into clean energy to propel Africa's energy future.

Greenland-Africa embodies innovation at the service of the environment. Our company aims to a leading model in the waste-to-energy sector in Africa, offering integrated solutions that redefine waste management and sustainable energy production.

Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of everything we do, from waste collection to energy recovery.

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With Such A Large Waste-To-Energy Project In Africa, We Can Offer You A Wide Range Of Services To Meet Your Specific Needs

Waste collection, sorting and management

We offer selective collection services for organic and non-organic waste, with efficient sorting management for maximum recovery.

Energy Conversion Technologies

We offer innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for the transformation of waste into energy, adapted to your needs and in compliance with all regulations.

Environmental study and analysis

We carry out environmental impact studies to assess the potential effects of waste-to-energy projects on the environment.

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Choose Eco-Friendly Solutions And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Sustain Solutions


Renewable Energy


Green Building




Waste-to-energy: a path to environmental sustainability and energy prosperity in Africa

The statement underlines that waste-to-energy is a pathway to environmental sustainability by creating sustainable energy and economic prosperity in Africa, highlighting the sustainable dimension of the benefits brought by waste-to-energy.

Our vision is to promote environmental sustainability in Africa by transforming waste challenges into clean energy opportunities. By adopting advanced waste-to-energy technologies, we aim to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while producing renewable energy.

Local energy autonomy harnesses renewable resources to generate a community's power, fostering self-sufficiency and driving socio-economic development. This strategy creates jobs, keeps financial resources local, and enhances community empowerment. It leads to economic growth, energy security, and environmental benefits, paving the way for a sustainable future

Converting waste into energy offers significant potential for socio-economic development by creating jobs, stimulating the local economy and improving public health. This approach promotes energy security and sustainable waste management by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing landfill.

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